About Wereldburgers

Hamburger restaurant Wereldburgers first opened its doors in October of 2013. Wereldburgers is inspired by a true love for burgers and a passion for quality food. We serve the best burgers, homemade wedges and salads, at an affordable price. Everything made fresh daily, with pure and organic ingredients.

For the burger & beer enthusiasts we have over 15 kinds of beer to accompany your burger.

Wereldburgers atmosphere

Wereldburgers' interior design has got the look and feel of an old factory or warehouse. Robust materials like wood, concrete and steel are combined with warm, Mediterranean elements. The Spanish mosaic floor tiles in the back of the restaurant are a real eye-catcher. Combined, this makes for a relaxed and casual atmosphere where everyone will feel right at home. It's also a great place to have a chat with some of your fellow burger lovers.

The concept

The concept of Wereldburgers is based on respect for people and the environment we live in. We pride ourselves in working with a mix of organic, local and sustainable ingredients. The buns are specially baked for us everyday by bakery Rob van Dijk. The potatoes for the wedges come directly from the farmer and the wedges are made fresh daily.

Organic meat

All the meat that we use for our burgers is organic. The meat for the beef-, chicken- and lambburgers is provided by butchery "De Groene Weg" located at 'Boterdiep' in Groningen.

The Berkshire pork and Wagyu beef come from organic farmer Jan Steenbergen in Ansen. The Japanese Wagyu grow from birth on the farm and they are fed with own produced biological grass, grass silage and grain making it a 100% local product from Drenthe. Wagyu meat is the special and very tasty meat from the Japanese Wagyu breed of cattle known for its excellent quality and taste.

The Berkshire porkmeat is darker than we are used to, is marbled (streaky meat) and has a much sweeter taste. The pigs have plenty of space and can always go outside for rooting in the mud.

To keep a low carbon footprint we have fitted an ingenious filtering system that silently extracts the air from the open kitchen, filters it and gives it back as clean, warm air to heat the restaurant.

Wereldburgers founder Jakob Waninge

As a true Groninger, Jakob Waninge found something missing in his city. He recognized a gap in the burger landscape — a lack of a friendly, relaxed place to have a quality burger. Seeing this, he decided to start such a place himself. Before this, he worked as a high school teacher on the subjects of economics and geography. During his years as a teacher he loved teaching his students about Responsible Business: running a business in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Nowadays he puts these principles into practice, running Wereldburgers with a respect for the people and the planet.