Below is our current menu (volume 9 ed. 2) . View the drink offerings here . More information about the concept and origin of our products can be found on the 'about Wereldburgers' page .

Delivery and take-out. You can order online via our own order and delivery service (tip!), after which our deliverers jump on their bicycles. Or choose take-out, then your order will be ready at the agreed upon time. In addition to our own delivery, we also work with and Because we do not want to compromise on quality, the delivery circle via all platforms is roughly 15 minutes by bike. Are you outside that area? This is unfortunate, but it might be a good reason to visit us (again) soon!


We bake our beef burgers a little rosé. Would you rather have your burger baked differently? Ask one of our employees.

Lamb Burgers


Pork Burgers

Our pork burgers are made of 20% beef en 80% meat of the Duroc-pork.

Veggie Burgers

The Veggie burgers are also available as vegan burger!

Complete Menu

On the side



Pie and brownies