About Wereldburgers

Hamburger restaurant Wereldburgers first opened its doors in October 2013 at the Akerkhof in Groningen. Wereldburgers represents good, responsible and affordable food in a relaxed atmosphere.

In August 2022, we moved to a bigger spot, two doors down. This location offers much more space. At the large bar, coffees, smoothies and cocktails are prepared and tasty beers are tapped.

The open kitchen has been exchanged for a semi-open variant and is equipped with the best equipment. Great for our job satisfaction and great for you as a guest, because the business remains odor-free and the burgers are even tastier if even possible. What has remained is the casual Wereldburgers atmosphere and the sincere passion of the team for burgers. You can taste that!

Vegan burgers and more

When you think of burgers, you may think of meat, but we pay just as much attention to developing and preparing our vegan variants. Vegan and mixed groups therefore love Wereldburgers. Are you a (part-time) meat eater? Then also you eat responsibly. All our burgers are made from organic meat. In addition to the tastiest burgers, we are famous for our homemade fresh fries. We also serve salads, ice creams and very good coffee. Everything homemade with pure ingredients. For the burger & beer enthusiasts we have a comprehensive beer menu on which you'll find a beer to your liking.


Wereldburgers is a restaurant with a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Sit down at one of the two or four-person tables, on the couch with a cup of coffee, in a quiet corner to work or with a group at the 'Stammtisch'. All ages will feel right at home. A chat with other guests is not necessary, but can of course lead to a fun conversation.

100% sustainable

The concept of Wereldburgers is based on respect for people and the environment we live in. We pride ourselves in working with a mix of organic, local and sustainable ingredients. The buns are specially baked for us everyday by bakery Rob van Dijk. The potatoes for the fries come directly from the farmer and the fries are made fresh daily.

The meat we use for our burgers is organic. The minced meat for the beef, chicken, pork and lamb burger is freshly ground daily by butcher's shop “de Groene Weg” on the Boterdiep in Groningen. In consultation with De Groene Weg, we try to serve the best burger every day. We pay attention to the fat percentage, the grind and the correct seasoning of the meat.

With the Cranberry Rock we won second prize in a national burger baking competition.

Wereldburgers owners

As a true Groninger, Jakob Waninge felt that something was missing in his city. A cosy, laid back place to eat a really good burger. Seeing this, he decided to start such a business himself. Before that, Jakob worked as a teacher of economics and geography. Sustainable entrepreneurship was a popular theme. He taught young people what entrepreneurship entails and how you can do business with respect for people & nature. He is now putting this into practice himself with Wereldburgers. Since 2021 with partner Kevin de Boer.